Welcome to Twoshoestoomany: through this blog I aim to reduce the number of shoes I have by offering them for sale. Each pair (some unworn, some still their boxes) comes with a piece of writing. You see, its about so much more than just shoes. There is a metaphor to each and every pair. They present a lesson, an observation, maybe a poem, sometimes a story, but always a moment of self-awareness and hopefully self-improvement. If you value the writing, the sentiment or think you’ve got space for the shoes, submit a bid, letting me know which ones you’re wanting and I’ll send them off to you, the piece of writing included – maybe it will help you do what you need to do to get where you want to be. And in selling off my collection of shoes I hope to start over, make amends and kick the habit – to purge via the metaphor of the shoe! Really its a great excuse to write whilst trying to figure some stuff out and fix some things. You’ll get the idea once you start to look through the blog posts.

Oh and the reason for it all. I have a plan. I need to do my own thing finally. So any money I raise will fund my business plan and allow me to write more. So back to Twoshoestoomany – there’s so much to say. I have two assets: my writing and my shoes. And I’m still looking for proof that what I write might mean something to somebody.

If you relate to the sentiment and the writing whether its a poem you like or you love the shoes, feel free to donate.